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The Sarketing® Work Sessions™

Often, to isolate the unique selling propositions of your organization, we start our work together with work sessions. The experience begins with two intensive mornings where we lead your most important stakeholders through a process that identifies the essence of your organization, from determining your unique selling propositions to defending your market strengths to
downplaying your market challenges.

What’s more, the Sarketing Work Sessions work in real-time: We take your input from day one and develop the deliverables overnight including:
  • A defendable market position for your organization.
  • A recommended campaign of right-fit Sarketing tools.
  • Drafts of some of the recommended Sarketing tools.
  • A developmental timeline and go-to-market plan that rolls out in 45-day increments.

Day two encompasses reviewing this work, determining forward steps,
assigning responsibilities and finalizing a completion schedule. Along the way, you can expect rich discussion, cohesive results and definable consensus. In fact, some of our work is often used in sales cycles the next day.

Simply put: We dive deep and deliver quickly.
Do we make sense together?
It’s a simple question, but important. Our business development process isn’t about “selling” our services to you, but rather exploring your needs together and coming up with a solution that best fits your company.

A s mentioned before, the SARKETING® Work Sessions are just one of three ways to begin. Which path best suits you?

1  The SARKETING Work Sessions

We get to your SARKETING solution by working closely with your critical
stakeholders. Together, we:
  • Identify challenges: We discover what keeps you from being short-listed for opportunities.
  • Define strengths: We define what makes you great, different,proud of your organization.
  • Educate with “Marketing 101”: We dive into marketing fundamentals and get your team on the same knowledge plane.
  • Re-Examine Strengths: We weigh your strengths against these marketing principles and determine which are defendable and worthy of promoting.

After we gather this intelligence we formulate a plan overnight for your
specific Sarketing toolkit, along with a tangible action steps with defined
outcomes, and even a few rough-draft tools for immediate refinement and use.

2  Sales Funnel Reality Check

Do you know if your funnel is full enough to keep your organization viable? Are your opportunities “real”? We deliver an expert perspective from a sales process specialist that includes:
  • Sales cycle stages: We create, or alter your present, sales cycle stages with tangible proof that your prospects are involved and committed.
  • Funnel gathering: Your salespeople provide us with their opportunities and where they are in the sales cycle.
  • Interviews/qualifiers: We conduct 40-minute phone interviews with your salespeople on their individual pipeline to understand where they are in their sales cycles and their realistic odds of closing those sales opportunities.
  • Refined funnel: We provide a funnel document that defines your reality, along with opinions on the skill sets of your salespeople. From this reality check, we can help you grow your salespeople’s skills through ride-along coaching in the field. Not to mention develop lead generation campaigns to fill your funnel, if needed.

3  Custom SARKETING Solution

We know that no two organizations are the same. That’s why we go through a discovery process with your key stakeholders to determine where they are in their growth, the specific challenges they face and the concerns they would
like to address.

Armed with this knowledge, we work together to determine the right
combinations of services – marketing, SARKETING, sales, lead generation –
to deliver the precise solution for you and only you.