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“While Michael had the intelligence and insight of an MBA, he also had a rich depth of practical knowledge from his field experience that complemented his analytical side. He has been on the front lines and knows how to support sales people and sales cycles.

Over the two mornings, no one lost attention as he brought us through a spirited diagnostic process that isolated our uniqueness and showed us that we had not been showcasing these opportunities for differentiation. The second morning he had nailed not only our positioning statement for the marketplace, but had developed rough sales tools that work on the “street”
to support the sales cycles and bring in “wins”.

His recommendations and principles have guided our sales process, our marketing
and even our showroom tour.

If we have a marketing, sales or advertising issue I look forward to contracting with The Byers Group to bring a level of professionalism that is not available any place else - and I really mean that.”

Price Modern, LLC
“Michael identified that we were sending out equipment and conducting
expensive trials without adequately qualifying prospects. By changing our
sales process and providing our salespeople with specific techniques to better
qualify prospects, we reduced the number of trials and significantly
increased our sales conversion rates. And we saved a ton of resources by
closing down sales cycles early that never had a chance for success.”

MILAN MILIVOJEVIC, Former Vice President, Sales
Transportation Safety Technologies
What clients are
  saying about us.
“One of the toughest sales scenarios is to successfully break into a global account with established competitive furniture standards. After several years of trying to get in front of a major US healthcare provider, we were presented with the opportunity. Michael guided us through our presentation, then the subsequent RFI and RFP. Feedback from the client was remarkable. They were impressed and we became their new supplier.”

Kayhan International
We had a unique story to tell but just couldn’t put it into words. Michael came down and delivered a SARKETING package that positioned us correctly and directly contributed to our more than 10-fold growth in just two years. Together we created a consistent brand and became instantly
identifiable by customers.”

Facilities Connection
“In less than one year, Michael’s lead generation program produced more
than $3 million in invoiced business and approximately $8 million in
business we plan to close over the next two years. We even found leads
with customers who historically were difficult to connect with.”

PAUL L. HIRSCHBERG, Area Dealer Manager
Florida, Haworth